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Politicians Behaving Badly

Politicians Behaving Badly: Village of Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar



The following is the first-hand account of the arresting officer of Mayor Roger Claar from 1997 as illustrated in the attached arrest record.

On 08-28-97 shortly before 2240 hours, I was eastbound Chicago Avenue, east of Olesen, Naperville, in the northern traffic lane. Approximately twenty to thirty feet in front of me, in- the southern traffic lane, I observed a vehicle, also, traveling eastbound on Chicago Avenue. My attention was drawn to the vehicle, due to the passenger side tires being within very close proximity to the concrete curb. The vehicle was so close to the curb, that I could not see any area between the rear tire and curb itself. Just prior to passing the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Keswick Drive, the vehicle swerved to the left, and the driver’s side tires crossed over the broken white lane divider marking, slightly more than the width of the tire. Upon passing Keswick, the vehicle’s right tum indicator illuminated, and the vehicle drifted again, very close to the concrete curb. The vehicle came to a stop at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Naper Boulevard, as the traffic signal for eastbound Chicago was red. I came to a stop, ten to fifteen feet behind the vehicle, noting the vehicle to occupied to two subjects, and was bearing an Illinois registration of- After waiting approximately fifteen to twenty seconds, the vehicle made a right tum to southbound Naper. As the vehicle turned, it crossed over the western traffic lane for southbound Naper, turning into the eastern traffic lane. As the vehicle turned, the left side tires crossed the solid yellow lane divider markings, then returned to the width of its lane.

For approximately the next three-tenths of a mile, southbound Naper has several curves in the roadway. The vehicle crossed over the solid yellow markings three times, with the left side tires, while proceeding southbound. As the vehicle approached the intersection of Naper and Abbeywood the roadway becomes straight for approximately the next two to three-tenths of a mile. During this time, the vehicle crossed the solid yellow lane marking on two occasions, each time with slightly more than the width of the driver’s side tires. The vehicle then returned to the width of its lane. After passing the intersection of Dunrobin, and Naper, the road curve to the left, before returning straight again. As the vehicle approached the curve, it did not tum with the curve, but continued straight. Half the vehicle was over the broken white lane markings, still not making any effort to maneuver his vehicle around the curve. Just before the roadway went from the curve to being straight, the vehicle turned sharply to the left, to the straight portion of the roadway, but still over the broken white lane marking. The vehicle drifted to the left, with approximately one quarter the passenger side tires still across the broken white lane markings. The vehicle remained in that position for approximately two-tenths of a mile.

I then activated my emergency lights, as we were north of Green Trails, to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle continued southbound, passing Green Trails, and the brake lights illuminated. The vehicle then changed: from the eastern traffic lane to the middle of the roadway, as it turned right onto Chesterfield Drive. The vehicle then came to a complete stop. After coming to a stop, I observed the driver lean to his right, then back to his left, then again to his right, opening the driver’s door of the vehicle. He then exited the vehicle, using his right hand, against the top of the door, to regain his balance, due to his stumbling as he exited. The driver then walked toward my squad, hanging onto the door, until it was out of his reach. I had already opened my door and requested that the driver stop approaching me, and return to his vehicle. The driver stated something, however, I do not know what he said, and I again requested he stop walking toward me. The driver then stopped, and yelled what I thought to be, “What?” I then requested the driver return to his vehicle, and that I would come to his vehicle to speak to him. After pausing for a moment, the driver returned to his vehicle, sat in the driver’s seat, and closed the door.

I then approached the vehicle on the driver’s side, noting that the door was closed, and the window rolled up. Rather than roll the window down, the driver opened the door. I introduced myself to. the driver asked to see his license and advised him of the reason for the traffic stop. The driver looked at me, and I noted his eyes to be bloodshot, and glassy. The driver explained that he was trying to remove items that were hanging from his rearview mirror, thus the reason he was swerving. The driver’s speech was slurred, and slow. At no time while following the vehicle, did I observe any movements to remove the items hanging from the rearview mirror. I then requested to see the subject’s license. When the driver handed me his license, he did not put the license in my hand, although he appeared to attempt to. He reached twice for the area where my hand was, but did not place the license in my extended hand. After the subject held his hand still, I retrieved the license. The Illinois driver’s license identified the subject as Claar, Roger C MIW 11- 26-45. I observed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage from the vehicle, as well as Mr. Claar, and asked him how much alcohol he had to drink. Mr. Claar replied, “I have had a couple of drinks.” I explained to Mr. Claar that the odor of alcohol was quite strong for only two drinks, and he remained silent, looking forward. I then looked at the license and asked Mr. Claar the proper pronunciation of his name, and he stated it to me. I then asked if the spelling on his license was correct, as it was not as he stated. Mr. Claar confirmed the spelling and pronunciation of his name, advising, “I’m the mayor of Bolingbrook.” I then returned to my squad car.

Upon returning to my squad, I requested a backup unit, a supervisor, and Officer S. Baker #118 as he is equipped with a portable breath tester. Officer D. Andries #112, and Sergeant J. Truemper responded to assist, as did Officer Baker. Officer Andries arrived on the scene first, and I briefed him on the situation. At that point, Sergeant Truemper arrived, and Officer Baker shortly thereafter. I then briefed them of the situation, and my observations.

Officer Andries and I approached the vehicle on the driver’s side, and I asked Mr. Claar to exit the vehicle for the purpose of taking field sobriety tests. Based on Mr. Claar’s facial expression, he did not appear happy but did comply with my request. As Mr. Claar exited the vehicle, he stumbled slightly forward, then waited for a moment before moving again. As Mr. Claar, Officer Andries, and I walked to the sidewalk area north of the stop, I noted that Mr. Claar walked with slow, deliberate steps. As we walked to the sidewalk, I asked Mr. Claar if he had any medical problems, or was taking any medications, to which he replied that he was not. When we reached the sidewalk, I asked Mr. Claar if he felt to be on flat level ground, and he answered that he did. I then observed that the odor of alcohol was not as strong as previous, and noticed that Mr. Claar was chewing gum. I asked Mr. Claar to remove the gum he was chewing, and after a brief smile, he complied. I asked Mr. Claar how much alcohol he had to drink, and he replied, “I have had about five or six drinks.” I asked Mr. Claar if he knew the current time, and he stated, “About 11: 15.” I asked Mr. Claar where and when he was drinking, and he replied that he was drinking at Saint Andrew’s at a gathering he was attending. When asked, he replied that the location was the Saint Andrews Country Club, on Route 59. Mr. Claar told me that he was attending the Republican Committee Party, and began drinking at about 5:00 P.M. that evening. Mr. Claar then stated again, “I was at the Republican Committee Party.”

I then asked Mr. Claar if he wore glasses or contacts, and he answered that he wore contacts, and also used reading glasses. Mr. Claar informed that he was currently wearing his contacts, and as I held my finger approximately twelve inches from his nose, he advised that he could see my finger. I also asked him if the beam of my illuminated flashlight was blinding him, and he answered that it was not. I then observed Mr. Claar for the presence of Nystagmus. I explained the instructions and asked him if he understood, to which he replied that he did. The following observations were made.

  • -No smooth pursuit in either eye
  • -Nystagrnus present in both eyes at maximum deviation
  • -I attempted to view for Nystagmus at 45 degrees, and Mr. Claar advised that the lights were bothering his eyes

I then performed the One Leg Stand test to Mr. Claar, first explaining, then demonstrating the test to him, asking if he understood or had any questions. Mr. Claar answered that he did understand and had no questions. I then asked Mr. Claar ifhe felt to be on flat, level ground, or ifhe wanted to move. Mr. Claar replied that the did, and did not wish to move. I then asked Mr. Claar if he had any medical conditions that would prohibit him from taking the test, and he stated that he did not. The following results were obtained.

  • -Mr. Claar requested that I note that it was cold outside before he began the test
  • -Raised both arms 90 degrees to his body, approximately parallel to the ground, and began the test, raising his right leg
  • -Lowered his leg after 4, and was reminded of the instructions for the position of his arms
  • -Raised right leg again, but did not look at the toe as instructed
  • -Lowered leg after 11, 15, 18, 20, 21, 26, 30
  • -Fell to the side after 11, 20, 30
  • -Raised both arms away from his body for balance throughout the test

I then performed the Walk and Turn test to Mr. Claar, first explaining, then demonstrating the test to him, asking if he understood or had any questions. Mr. Claar answered, “I think I understand.” I asked Mr. Claar what he did not understand, or if he wished that I explain the instructions again. Mr. Claar answered that he did understand and had no questions. I then asked Mr. Claar if he felt to be on flat, level ground, and he replied that he did. I then asked Mr. Claar if he had any medical conditions that would prohibit him from taking the test, and he stated that he did not. The following results were obtained. Mr. Claar stated that he was embarrassed by having to do this, stating, “This is embarrassing, I’m an elected official.”

  • -Unable to hold start position
  • -Did not count aloud during any portion of the test
  • -Did not touch heel to toe after 2, 4, 5, 7, during the first portion
  • -Stepped off the line after 5 during the first portion
  • -Raised both arms for balance at various times during the entire test, including the tum
  • -Did not touch heel to toe after steps 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, during the second portion
  • -Stepped off the line after 3, 6, during the second portion
  • -Mr. Claar continued to complain about the cold weather

I then requested Officer Baker for the purpose of a preliminary breath test. I heard Officer Baker explain the procedures, and Mr. Claar asked if this was admissible in court. Officer Baker explained that this was a preliminary test, and was admissible. Officer Baker further explained that if someone was arrested, making no suggestion to Mr. Claar that he was or going to be placed under arrest, there was another breath test which counted toward license suspension, and also court proceedings. Mr. Claar was instructed that he was not under arrest, and any breath test was his choice. Mr. Claar then answered that he would not give consent to the test.

I asked Mr. Claar if he felt buzzed or otherwise impaired from what he had to drink, and he thought for a moment, answering, “I did feel buzzed before dinner.” I asked Mr. Claar what time that was, and how much he has had to drink since dinner. Mr. Claar tells that he had dinner at about 7:30 P.M. and since dinner had only two or three drinks. I ask4ld Mr. Claar if he had approximately one drink every two hours, and he thought for a moment, answering, “Yea.” I asked Mr. Claar what type of drink he had and he answered that he was drinking, “Rum and Cokes.” Mr. Claar continued to advise that he was at the Republican Committee party, and, “Can you guys just follow me home.” I explained that following him home was not an option, and he replies, “Come on, I am an elected official.” I then asked Mr. Claar, “So you have had two or three Rum and Cokes since dinner?” He replied, “I am not sure, it was the Republican Committee party, people were buying me drinks all night.” I then asked Mr. Claar if he felt that someone else should have driven, and he answered, “Well after this, I guess so.”

I asked Mr. Claar if his passenger had more or less alcohol than he did, and he answered, “Less,” although he could not justify his answer, as he admitted that they were not together during the entire evening. I asked Mr. Claar why he did not let either his passenger or someone else drive his vehicle, and he answered, “It’s my car.”

I returned to Mr. Claar, and he began to state, “I know the situation,” then stopped, stating, “Go ahead and say what you were gonna say.” I explained to Mr. Claar that based on the circumstances, I felt that he had too much to drink. Mr. Claar remarked, “Come On” At approximately 2320 hours, I placed Mr. Claar under arrest for Driving Under the Influence. I handcuffed him, with both arms behind his back, and the cuffs double locked. After searching Mr. Claar, he was placed in the back seat of Officer Andries squad car. Officer Andries transported Mr. Claar to the Naperville Police Detention Center.

Arrangements were made for the passenger, Partelow, John E for his wife to come to the scene and pick him up. When asked he wanted to take custody of the vehicle, he replied, “No way.” Mr. Partelow further told, “I’ll have my wife come pick me up.”

A vehicle search was conducted of Mr. Claar’ s 1994 dark green Lincoln four-door by Officer Andries and I. Located under the driver’s seat was an unopened mini bottle of Rum, commonly referred to as a baby bottle. Located on the front seat near the center ann rest, a breath spray was located.

Officer Baker stood by for Naperville Towing to remove the vehicle. The vehicle was assigned L.E.AD.S. #-REDACTED

Upon arrival at the deten•on center, Mr. Claar was escorted by Officer Andries to the shakedown room. I met them there and assisted in securing Mr. Claar property, prior to entering the detention area, per procedure. During the course of this procedure, Officer Andries removed Mr. Claar’ s billfold, asking him if there was any other currency inside. (Note: This is done to inventory any United Stated Currency.) We explained the reason for the question to Mr. Claar after asking. Mr. Claar replied that there was, and together, Officer Andries looked inside, observing none. When we asked Mr. Claar again, he replied, “Can I step away from the wall, or are you gonna arrest me again.” I stated to Mr. Claar that he may show us, just as Officer Andries located the money hidden between credit type cards. I then asked Mr. Claar to remove his sweatshirt, and he asked why. I explained that this was part of the procedure and that he was not being treated any differently than anyone else. After a dirty look, he removed his sweatshirt, and I asked him to also remove his belt, and Officer Andries asked him to remove his shoes after the belt. Mr. Claar, visibly unhappy, stated “What about some professional courtesy.” Mr. Claar removed his belt, angrily placing it in a property bag.

I then directed Mr. Claar to detention cell 130 for the reading of the Warning to Motorist. As I was handcuffing Mr. Claar to the bench, as part of the routine procedure, he expresses, “I don’t think this is necessary, we don’t do this in Bolingbrook.” I again explained that it was part of the procedure, and it was nothing personal against him.

At 2353 hours, I read Mr. Claar his Warning to Motorist, directly from preprinted form 248257. I read the warning verbatim, neither adding or deleting anything. Upon completion of the reading, Mr. Claar sat and stared forward. At 2355 he stated, “I refuse!” Mr. Claar was then booked and processed per procedure.

The field tests were conducted on the north side of Chesterfield Drive, on a flat level sidewa1k, free of any noticeable debris. The ground was dry.

Weather conditions were reported on the Naperville City weather log at the time of the stop were 60 degrees, and northeast winds at four miles per hour.

Mr. Claar was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. He was released on bond.

No further information

Request Case Closed

Note: Minor corrections have been made to the text above to correct errors in language from the report. The original full and unedited statement can be viewed in the attached police report.


Politicians Behaving Badly

Opinion: James “JT” Boudouris Attempts to Steal Valley View Election




Just when you had thought the highly continuous municipal election was over. James Boudouris has filed a lawsuit to throw out valid votes in 4 voting districts where he believes conditions will be more favorable for him to overcome the election results. This appears to be an effort to overturn an election where Dr. Sandra Carlson had bested him in the recent election for the Valley View 365U School Board seat.

Bolingbrook resident Dr. Sandra Carlson had initially lost the election on April 2nd by 10 votes. However, on April 16th, the County Clerk had confirmed all provisional and mail-in ballots. The new count had confirmed that Dr. Sandra Carlson had won the election by a mere 3 votes.

Upon hearing the news she heartfeltly echoed her sincere gratitude to the residents of the school district and reiterated that she would be a champion for all those she represents.

James Boudouris unable to accept the results, on April 29th had delivered a blistering attack at the Valley View School Board meeting on those who had fought against his slate of candidates. At the conclusion of his remarks, he appeared to be more interested in spending $400,000 of your tax dollars on two video sports boards for football then providing you with much-needed tax relief.

In an effort to overturn the election, James “JT” Boudouris has retained the legal services of Kavanagh Grumley & Gorbold LLC.

However, reviewing the Will County Recorder of Deeds it has come to the attention of Bolingbrook Politics Reporters, that James Boudouris as of May 2019 has Federal and State Liens attached to his property by the Internal Revenue Service and a notice of foreclosure prior to that in August 2016.

The question naturally asked is, if this is true, why would an individual decide to spend thousands of dollars on litigation in an effort to steal an election instead of paying the liens placed against his household. Is he paying the costs for court himself? If not, then who is paying the costs and why? Public polling of citizens in the school district has indicated that they want a candidate who is fiscally responsible to represent their interests. By all accounts, it appears that James “JT” Boudouris is not.

Full documentation is provided below.


This is an opinion piece

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A developer’s plan to rezone property for three new buildings, one of which would house a coffee shop with drive-thru window, has spurred Naperville residents near the South Washington Street site to launch a campaign to block it.

Tartan Realty Group has demolished the former 30,000-square-foot PNC Bank building at 1001 S. Washington St., and Wednesday plans to ask the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission to review and recommend rezoning the 3.5 acre-property from an office, commercial and institutional use to neighborhood convenience shopping use.

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