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Opinion: Politicians Behaving Badly: DuPage Township Trustee Dennis Raga Edition



Bolingbrook Politics will be conducting ongoing exposes of local politicians and examining the full facts unencumbered by either political party. We must seek elected officials who are the best among us to represent our values and interests instead of their own. We must examine and understand these individuals who seek to represent us in an elected capacity at all levels of government. Unfortunately many continue to fall very short of the high bar that should be expected.
As a reminder, this is an opinion piece.

The first of many exposes will be DuPage Township Trustee Dennis Raga.

Dennis Raga
Dennis Raga DuPage Township Trustee

Dennis Raga was appointed as a DuPage Township Trustee in 2016. This was under protest by Bill Mayer who had wanted a more qualified candidate to serve for the open seat. However, allegedly Village of Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar had pressured the then Supervisor to appoint Dennis Raga as he was part of the Mayor’s inner circle. Roger Claar had allegedly stated to Bill Mayer that if Raga was not appointed to the position then the DuPage Township slate of candidates would not be provided any support or be provided any access to the election headquarters. Given the upcoming election, Bill Mayer had yielded to the Mayor’s demand and appointed Dennis Raga to the position.

The following excerpts have been attained from police records about Dennis Raga’s alleged behavior between December 2016 and October 2018.

On December 12th, 2016 Dennis Raga allegedly stated “Get out of my way” and had allegedly pushed an unnamed woman forcefully in the chest with an open right hand with such strength that she had been knocked back a few steps. (page 17 of FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60)

On February 21st, 2017 Raga had allegedly threatened to strike this unnamed woman with a beer bottle. (page 17 FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60)

“earlier this morning she went to the
Will County court house to file for an
order of protection”

On June 22nd, 2017 Dennis Raga according to alleged first-hand accounts (page 12 of FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60) had allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill an unnamed woman who had to seek an order of protection against him. The abused had indicated to police that Raga had a history of domestic abuse against her and she feared retaliation. Stating she had been threatened and struck multiple times in the past and has filed multiple police reports documenting the events. (She also) relayed that (he) has a gun collection and that she is scared for her well-being. It was also stated that earlier that morning she went to the Will county courthouse to file for an order of protection and would like to go back to their home but is afraid that (he) may be there or show up while she is there.

On April 19th, 2018, 45-year-old DuPage Township Dennis Raga had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Shortly after midnight, after drinking all day, he had driven his black Hummer onto Derbyshire Lane. Bolingbrook officer James Brock had stopped the politician at 12:33 a.m. and placed Dennis Raga under arrest for drunken driving. (page 6 of FOIA Part 5 – pages 121 to 130

A request for the arrest video had been made, however, it had been denied on multiple occasions by Fran Miller, FOIA Officer for Bolingbrook. The State of Illinois had intervened providing a stinging rebuke to the Village of Bolingbrook handling of the request and they were finally forced to release the arrest video of Dennis Raga.

Instead of releasing the entire video of the alleged incident, the Village of Bolingbrook only released a heavily redacted video of the arrest. Out of a 20 min 53-sec video, roughly 12 mins and 47 seconds had been redacted.

The following are the time sections of video that have been redacted.

  • 00:15:56 to 00:16:03  – 7 seconds
  • 00:16:35 to 00:16:43  – 8 seconds
  • 00:17:50 to 00:18:03  – 13 seconds
  • 00:18:38 to 00:18:44  – 6 seconds
  • 00:18:49 to 00:19:01  – 12 seconds
  • 00:19:49 to 00:20:13  – 24 seconds
  • 00:20:25 to 00:21:24  – 59 seconds
  • 00:21:56 to 00:22:03  – 7 seconds
  • 00:22:33 to 00:22:44  – 11 seconds
  • 00:22:50 to 00:24:51  – 121 second
  • 00:24:58 to 00:25:06  – 8 seconds
  • 00:25:12 to 00:26:30  – 78 seconds
  • 00:26:39 to 00:26:44  – 5 seconds
  • 00:27:32 to 00:27:52  – 20 seconds
  • 00:28:05 to 00:33:43  – 338 seconds
  • 00:34:30 — the audio was redacted

Dennis Raga was sentenced to alcoholism treatment and ordered to pay a fine totaling $1,600 on 10/25/2018. You can view the redacted video above.

Since Dupage Township Trustee Dennis Raga had according to police reports allegedly threatened to kill, driven drunk and allegedly assaulted an unnamed woman. The question remains why was the Village of Bolingbrook protecting his video? As an elected official the electorate has the right to understand the character of their elected officials. Secondly, given the character that has been displayed by this public servant why haven’t the people demanded him to resign? Certainly, he is not the best we can do. And lastly, if this is the caliber of politicians put forth by the Mayor of Bolingbrook what else is hiding?

FOIA Part 1 – pages 5 to 30


FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60


FOIA Part 3 – pages 61 to 90


FOIA Part 4 – pages 91 to 120


FOIA Part 5 – pages 121 to 130


This is an opinion piece


New Lenox Police Arrest Harvey Juvenile For Murder





On Thursday, June 25th 2020, the New Lenox Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for a 16 year-old male juvenile from Harvey. The warrant, for two counts of First Degree Murder, stems from a shooting that occurred on May 11, 2020, at the Circle K Gas Station, located at 471 Nelson Road, New Lenox, Illinois, in which the victim, 19 year-old Charles Baird, a New Lenox resident, was shot during an attempt to steal his vehicle.

Through the course of the investigation, it was learned that on May 11th, at approximately 12:00 AM, a Hyundai Santa Fe stolen from Lockport on May 9th, arrived at the Circle K gas station and pulled up at a pump across from Baird’s vehicle. While Baird was still inside the gas station, an occupant of the vehicle attempted to open a door of his Subaru. The vehicle was locked and the subject returned to the stolen Santa Fe. Baird then exited the gas station and was approached by a second subject who was pointing a handgun at him. After a brief exchange of words, Baird turned and began to run. The offender ran after Baird and fired one shot which struck Baird in the back. The offender ran back to the Santa Fe and fled the area. NLPD officers arrived on scene and located Baird inside the gas station. Baird was transported to Silver Cross Hospital. Baird eventually was transferred to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn and ultimately died from his injuries on May 13th.

The Santa Fe used in this homicide was later recovered after being involved in a car crash in Dolton, Illinois, on May 15th. After an exhaustive investigation, sufficient evidence was discovered to identify a juvenile offender that was being held at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center on unrelated charges.

On June 25, 2020, the NLPD learned that the juvenile offender in this homicide was being released. The juvenile was taken into custody by NLPD Investigators upon his release and
transported to the NLPD. Evidence was presented to the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office and two felony charges of First Degree Murder against the juvenile offender were approved. The juvenile was transferred to the River Valley Juvenile Detention Center. Bond has been set at $2,500,000.00.

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Investigation underway into South Suburban Black Chamber



By Rex Robinson and Barrington M. Salmon | The Times Weekly

Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk held a press conference at City Hall on June 9 to defend his actions following a protest on May 31 and the scuffle he got into with two brothers on Jefferson Street. A number of O’Dekirk’s supporters also came to the podium to defend the mayor during that press conference.

One of those supporters was Cornel Darden, who introduced himself as the President and CEO of the South Suburban Black Chamber of Commerce.

“I support the mayor wholeheartedly,” Darden said. “We have a great mayor here in our city and I’m very proud to have worked with our mayor to get a lot of things done as far as the black business community is concerned.”

On Friday, three Joliet faith leaders – Bishop Steven Evans, Pastor Warren Dorris, and Pastor Herbert Brooks – held a press conference and showed a video from 20-plus years ago of O’Dekirk when he was a police officer and in it, O’Dekirk, according to a press release, is seen “aggressively assaulting a handcuffed black man and then “tackling a Hispanic man from behind.”

Included in the pastors’ announcement prior to the press conference is a statement about Darden. It reads as follows: “…during the Mayor’s Tuesday press conference, he called on character witnesses, including Cornel Darden, who has made continued claims of being the president of the South Suburban Region Black Chamber of Commerce. That claim has been denounced by the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce. The state chamber issued a statement accusing Darden of ‘fraudulently accessing funds’ and accusing O’Dekirk of covering up the investigation.”

The Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce posted the following statement about Darden on social media last week: “Cornel Darden was terminated from the South Suburban Region Black Chamber of Commerce. Cornel Darden continued to falsely operate a Chamber using the South Suburban name and EIN number. He has fraudulently accessed funds from our existing bank account and opened unauthorized bank accounts. In addition, he has collected sponsorships and membership dues without the consent of the Board of Directors after his termination. In addition to these fraudulent acts, Cornel Darden went on to illegally appoint his own board of directors to fraudulently operate a nonprofit that he was terminated from.

“The South Suburban Region Black Chamber of Commerce immediately filed a police report with the city of Joliet, however, we feel that because of Darden’s strong ties to Mayor O’Dekirk, our claims were never investigated. No official board member of the South Suburban Region Black Chamber of Commerce or Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce was interviewed after the initial complaint was filed.

“Cornel Darden is not affiliated with the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce or the National Black Chamber of Commerce. We are not in support of Cornel Darden and we do not support any of his actions. The Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce does not support the actions of Mayor O’Dekirk that transpired during a peaceful protest we feel that the violent actions of O’Dekirk are unbefitting of a Mayor.”

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Bolingbrook Hearing Officer Lost Gig For Ruling Against Village



By Joseph Hosey, Patch Staff
Jan 14, 2016 3:12 pm ET

A veteran lawyer retained by Bolingbrook to preside over administrative hearings lost his gig after ruling against the village, a local attorney claimed.

Not only did hearing officer Wayne Kwiat go against Bolingbrook in the November case, he ruled in favor of a resident suing the village and one of its police officers, said attorney Joseph Giamanco.

“It’s corruption of the legal system when you fire a person for making a decision like (the one) Mr. Kwiat did,” Giamanco said.

Kwiat, who is also a part-time Will County assistant state’s attorney, declined two opportunities to comment on the matter. On Thursday, he said, “No, no,” when asked if he wanted to talk about allegedly getting cut off from his contract employment as a hearing officer.

Giamanco said he learned Bolingbrook Public Safety Director Tom Ross called Kwiat “within hours” of ruling against the village in a Nov. 3 hearing and told him he would no longer serve as a hearing officer. Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar also called Kwiat, Giamanco said, and told him he was done as a hearing officer.

Both Claar and Ross have ducked questions about Kwiat, failing to return numerous telephone calls since Dec. 1.

The hearing that supposedly cost Kwiat his job involved Giamanco’s clients, brothers Gerald and Harold McCadd. The police had been called to a house owned by the McCadds after a neighbor who was unhappy with the way a car was parked complained to the cops, Giamanco said. The police mistook a friend of the McCadds who had been staying at the house as a tenant, he said, and soon after the brothers were cited for allegedly renting the house without the required permits.

Coincidentally, Harold McCadd happened to be suing the village and a police officer in federal court. Harold McCadd alleged excessive force was used during a November 2012 arrest and claimed that “false and incomplete police reports” were written about the incident. The federal case remains pending.

An attorney from Robbins Schwartz Nicholas Lifton & Taylor — the law firm representing Bolingbrook in the federal lawsuit — was present at the administrative hearing, Giamanco said. A court reporter was hired for the hearing, he said, and the law firm ordered a transcript.

“You don’t have a court reporter at an administrative hearing — I’ve never seen it,” Giamanco said.

“It was clear to me this was more than an ordinance violation hearing,” he said.

“There was a game being played. There was another agenda,” Giamanco said.

Kwiat came down on the McCadds’ side, Giamanco said, and “shortly after that I found out Mr. Kwiat was essentially fired, he was no longer going to do administrative hearings, and that stems from his decision in my case.”

“The village is trying to control the outcome of the cases,” he said, “it’s not right.”

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