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Opinion: James “JT” Boudouris Attempts to Steal Valley View Election




Just when you had thought the highly continuous municipal election was over. James Boudouris has filed a lawsuit to throw out valid votes in 4 voting districts where he believes conditions will be more favorable for him to overcome the election results. This appears to be an effort to overturn an election where Dr. Sandra Carlson had bested him in the recent election for the Valley View 365U School Board seat.

Bolingbrook resident Dr. Sandra Carlson had initially lost the election on April 2nd by 10 votes. However, on April 16th, the County Clerk had confirmed all provisional and mail-in ballots. The new count had confirmed that Dr. Sandra Carlson had won the election by a mere 3 votes.

Upon hearing the news she heartfeltly echoed her sincere gratitude to the residents of the school district and reiterated that she would be a champion for all those she represents.

James Boudouris unable to accept the results, on April 29th had delivered a blistering attack at the Valley View School Board meeting on those who had fought against his slate of candidates. At the conclusion of his remarks, he appeared to be more interested in spending $400,000 of your tax dollars on two video sports boards for football then providing you with much-needed tax relief.

In an effort to overturn the election, James “JT” Boudouris has retained the legal services of Kavanagh Grumley & Gorbold LLC.

However, reviewing the Will County Recorder of Deeds it has come to the attention of Bolingbrook Politics Reporters, that James Boudouris as of May 2019 has Federal and State Liens attached to his property by the Internal Revenue Service and a notice of foreclosure prior to that in August 2016.

The question naturally asked is, if this is true, why would an individual decide to spend thousands of dollars on litigation in an effort to steal an election instead of paying the liens placed against his household. Is he paying the costs for court himself? If not, then who is paying the costs and why? Public polling of citizens in the school district has indicated that they want a candidate who is fiscally responsible to represent their interests. By all accounts, it appears that James “JT” Boudouris is not.

Full documentation is provided below.


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