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Roger Claar appears on Oberweis Preliminary Endorsement List



Republican Party activist Roger Claar Mayor of Bolingbrook has endorsed the candidacy of Jim Oberweis’s (R – Sugar Grove) campaign for the Republican nomination to the United States Congress in the 14th District.

Oberweis has contributed heavily to the Claar campaign in 2015, 2016 and 2018. In addition, has also contributed to Claar’s Bolingbrook First Party campaign in 2017.

Press release of the endorsement list below.

ST. CHARLES, ILLINOIS — Jim Oberweis (R – Sugar Grove) has announced the initial list of citizens, elected officials, Republican Party activists and organizations that are endorsing his campaign for the Republican nomination to the United States Congress in the 14th District.

“I would like to thank the following folks who contacted me to voice their support for my candidacy in next year’s Republican primary contest. I appreciate their confidence and intend to work every day on the campaign trail to make them proud,” said Oberweis. “Hopefully, the primary nomination is the beginning of a long journey next year that ends in Washington DC and a fresh start for governmental reform.”

  • Patrick Murtaugh
    Geneva Township Republican Chairman
  • Joe Gillespie
    Kendall County Republican Chairman
  • Connie Von Keudell
    Secretary of the Kane County Republican Central Committee
  • Roger Claar
    Mayor of Bolingbrook
  • Steve Kuhn
    former DeKalb County Republican Chairman
  • Dale Fowler
    IL State Senator
  • Brian Stewart
    IL State Senator
  • Randy Freeze
    IL State Rep
  • Andrew Chesney
    IL State Rep
  • Sean Michels
    Mayor of Sugar Grove
  • Dale Righter
    IL State Senator
  • Tim Bivins
    Former IL State Senator
  • Robert Pritchard
    Former State Rep
  • Michael Kelly
    Mayor of Harvard
  • Alan Plane
    Precinct Committeeman
  • Mark Stricker
    Owner of Rush Creek Distilling
  • Edward Halley
    Winfield Township Precinct Committeeman 28 & Treasurer
  • Barbara Stillman
    Winfield Township PC 26
  • Judy Diekelman
    2016 Trump Delegate to the national convention and 2nd C.D. State Central Committeeman
  • Carol Smith Donovan
    President of Smith and Donovan Confections, former 7th C.D. State Central Committeeman and National Committeewoman candidate
  • Steve Balich
    Will County Board
  • Jay Reyes
    2018 General Counsel in the Office of the Illinois Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti, 4th C.D. State Central Committeeman
  • Angel Garcia
    Former state central committeeman
  • Lori Yokoyama
    former candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney
  • Joan McCarthy Lasonde
    former Congressional candidate
  • Doug Bennett
    former candidate for U.S. Congress in Illinois 10
  • Sal Abbate
    Chairman of Aurora Township Republican Organization
  • Ben Marcum
    Vice-Chairman Aurora Township Republican Organization
  • Jaye Debates
    Chairman, Putnam County Republicans
  • Keith Gray
    Lake County Republican Federation Executive Committee
  • Janet Gibson
    Lake County Republican Federation Executive Committee
  • Roger Byrne
    Mayor of Vernon Hills
  • Raquel Mitchell
    Will County PC
  • Theodore Livengood
    2nd Vice-Chair of the Lake County Republican Party
  • Richard Cape
    3rd Vice-Chairman Lake County Republican Central Committee
  • Chuck Wheeler
    Vice-Chair McHenry County GOP Vice-Chairman
  • Robert Bednar
    2016 Delegate for Donald J. Trump
  • Andrew Edmier
    State Chief of Staff of YRs
  • Katherine Edmier
  • Jack Morrissey
  • Tom Panlione
  • Kevin Phares
  • Randy Ramey
    Former State Rep
  • Jim Economos
    Dentist/Owner at Best Dental Group
  • Janice Wilcox
    Republican Activist
  • Bob Schillerstrom
    former DuPage County Board Chairman & Candidate for IL Governor
  • Pastor Corey Brooks
    New Beginnings Church Pastor/businessman, philanthropist, songwriter, mentor, and spiritual coach
  • Lee Hofer
    Kendall Co PC
  • Rosanna Pulido
    Founder of the Illinois Minutemen
  • Matthew Duray
    Warren Township Precinct Committeeman Precinct #319
  • Chris Kasperski
    President of The Lake County YR
  • Hilton M. Harrell Jr.
    PC & Informed Citizens United Founder
  • Matt Wylie
    Go Kreative Studios -Exec Producer
  • Mike McKay
    Wauconda Committeeman Precinct #331
  • Flint Ginnell
    Lake County Committeeman Precinct #394
  • Martin Zeidman
    Moriane Township Republican Chairman
  • Samantha Uhl
    Warren Township Committeewoman Precinct #309
  • Drew Frasz
    Kane County Board member for District 18 and Blackberry 4 P.C.
  • Jerry Marchese
    Wayne Township GOP Chairman
  • Ted Koch
    Sugar Grove PC & Western Kane Townships GOP Treasurer
  • Joe Golab
    Sugar Grove 3 Precinct Committeeman
  • Patrick Madigan
    Vernon Township PC
  • Jim Hawkins
    PC Avon 18 and Vice-Chair of Avon Township Republicans
  • Bill Lenert
    Kane County Board Member
  • Dick Johansen
    former Campton Township Chairman
  • George E. Burst
    retired Police Chief
  • David Tomek
    Republican Supporter
  • Tyler Clark
    Republican Supporter
  • Brad Nemec
    Republican Supporter
  • Lisa Pollnow
    Republican Supporter
  • Kathy Busch
    DeKalb Co Precinct Committeeman
  • Elsie Morrissey
    Sandwich Township Precinct #1 Committeewoman
  • Jeannette Smith
    Republican Supporter

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City Hires Firm To Search For Joliet City Manager





The search for a new Joliet City Manager has begun and the clock is ticking. The Joliet City Council on Tuesday voted 5-3 to hire Slavin Management Consultants. They said the process should be wrapped up within three months. Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk is against the idea and said there are local candidates that can do the job. The cost of the search by the consultanting firm is just under $24,000.

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Opinion: Politicians Behaving Badly: DuPage Township Trustee Dennis Raga Edition



Bolingbrook Politics will be conducting ongoing exposes of local politicians and examining the full facts unencumbered by either political party. We must seek elected officials who are the best among us to represent our values and interests instead of their own. We must examine and understand these individuals who seek to represent us in an elected capacity at all levels of government. Unfortunately many continue to fall very short of the high bar that should be expected.
As a reminder, this is an opinion piece.

The first of many exposes will be DuPage Township Trustee Dennis Raga.

Dennis Raga
Dennis Raga DuPage Township Trustee

Dennis Raga was appointed as a DuPage Township Trustee in 2016. This was under protest by Bill Mayer who had wanted a more qualified candidate to serve for the open seat. However, allegedly Village of Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar had pressured the then Supervisor to appoint Dennis Raga as he was part of the Mayor’s inner circle. Roger Claar had allegedly stated to Bill Mayer that if Raga was not appointed to the position then the DuPage Township slate of candidates would not be provided any support or be provided any access to the election headquarters. Given the upcoming election, Bill Mayer had yielded to the Mayor’s demand and appointed Dennis Raga to the position.

The following excerpts have been attained from police records about Dennis Raga’s alleged behavior between December 2016 and October 2018.

On December 12th, 2016 Dennis Raga allegedly stated “Get out of my way” and had allegedly pushed an unnamed woman forcefully in the chest with an open right hand with such strength that she had been knocked back a few steps. (page 17 of FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60)

On February 21st, 2017 Raga had allegedly threatened to strike this unnamed woman with a beer bottle. (page 17 FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60)

“earlier this morning she went to the
Will County court house to file for an
order of protection”

On June 22nd, 2017 Dennis Raga according to alleged first-hand accounts (page 12 of FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60) had allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill an unnamed woman who had to seek an order of protection against him. The abused had indicated to police that Raga had a history of domestic abuse against her and she feared retaliation. Stating she had been threatened and struck multiple times in the past and has filed multiple police reports documenting the events. (She also) relayed that (he) has a gun collection and that she is scared for her well-being. It was also stated that earlier that morning she went to the Will county courthouse to file for an order of protection and would like to go back to their home but is afraid that (he) may be there or show up while she is there.

On April 19th, 2018, 45-year-old DuPage Township Dennis Raga had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Shortly after midnight, after drinking all day, he had driven his black Hummer onto Derbyshire Lane. Bolingbrook officer James Brock had stopped the politician at 12:33 a.m. and placed Dennis Raga under arrest for drunken driving. (page 6 of FOIA Part 5 – pages 121 to 130

A request for the arrest video had been made, however, it had been denied on multiple occasions by Fran Miller, FOIA Officer for Bolingbrook. The State of Illinois had intervened providing a stinging rebuke to the Village of Bolingbrook handling of the request and they were finally forced to release the arrest video of Dennis Raga.

Instead of releasing the entire video of the alleged incident, the Village of Bolingbrook only released a heavily redacted video of the arrest. Out of a 20 min 53-sec video, roughly 12 mins and 47 seconds had been redacted.

The following are the time sections of video that have been redacted.

  • 00:15:56 to 00:16:03  – 7 seconds
  • 00:16:35 to 00:16:43  – 8 seconds
  • 00:17:50 to 00:18:03  – 13 seconds
  • 00:18:38 to 00:18:44  – 6 seconds
  • 00:18:49 to 00:19:01  – 12 seconds
  • 00:19:49 to 00:20:13  – 24 seconds
  • 00:20:25 to 00:21:24  – 59 seconds
  • 00:21:56 to 00:22:03  – 7 seconds
  • 00:22:33 to 00:22:44  – 11 seconds
  • 00:22:50 to 00:24:51  – 121 second
  • 00:24:58 to 00:25:06  – 8 seconds
  • 00:25:12 to 00:26:30  – 78 seconds
  • 00:26:39 to 00:26:44  – 5 seconds
  • 00:27:32 to 00:27:52  – 20 seconds
  • 00:28:05 to 00:33:43  – 338 seconds
  • 00:34:30 — the audio was redacted

Dennis Raga was sentenced to alcoholism treatment and ordered to pay a fine totaling $1,600 on 10/25/2018. You can view the redacted video above.

Since Dupage Township Trustee Dennis Raga had according to police reports allegedly threatened to kill, driven drunk and allegedly assaulted an unnamed woman. The question remains why was the Village of Bolingbrook protecting his video? As an elected official the electorate has the right to understand the character of their elected officials. Secondly, given the character that has been displayed by this public servant why haven’t the people demanded him to resign? Certainly, he is not the best we can do. And lastly, if this is the caliber of politicians put forth by the Mayor of Bolingbrook what else is hiding?

FOIA Part 1 – pages 5 to 30


FOIA Part 2 – pages 31 to 60


FOIA Part 3 – pages 61 to 90


FOIA Part 4 – pages 91 to 120


FOIA Part 5 – pages 121 to 130


This is an opinion piece

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Bolingbrook Police Salaries



Bolingbrook Police makes up 40.39% of the total payroll expenditure of Bolingbrook.

This department’s total expenditure is higher than 98.17% of other Police Departments in the Municipal category.

This department’s median salary is higher than 89.63% of other Police Departments in the Municipal category. Data source is from 2017.

Individual: Position: Salary: 
1. Thomas Ross Director Of Public Safety at Bolingbrook Police$186,693
2. Dennis Hess Police Commander at Bolingbrook Police$153,958
3. Michael Rompa Police Commander at Bolingbrook Police$149,839
4. James Coughlin Police Lieutenant at Bolingbrook Police$144,220
5. Kenneth Teppel Deputy Chief Of Police at Bolingbrook Police$143,807
6. Christopher Witt Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$135,220
7. Steven Furtek Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$133,016
8. Jeffrey Lockard Police Lieutenant at Bolingbrook Police$131,186
9. David Schurr Police Lieutenant at Bolingbrook Police$131,098
10. Richard Hilliard Police Lieutenant at Bolingbrook Police$130,378
11. Brian Hafner Police Lieutenant at Bolingbrook Police$129,575
12. Nicholas Schmidt Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$128,968
13. Dale Szymanski Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$125,982
14. John Hild Police Lieutenant at Bolingbrook Police$125,653
15. William Smith Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$125,609
16. Anthony Columbus Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$125,427
17. Steve Jahnke Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$125,245
18. Joseph Brick Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$122,553
19. Jeffrey Drabek Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$122,006
20. Brant Duval Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$121,818
21. Salvatore Davi Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$121,475
22. Champ Evans Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$121,442
23. Thomas Kiska Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$121,405
24. Mark Mcqueary Police Lieutenant at Bolingbrook Police$120,569
25. Kristen Swienton Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$120,272
26. Robert Liazuk Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$119,519
27. Sean Talbot Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$118,786
28. John Morrow Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$118,741
29. Jon Costion Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$118,523
30. James Daunis Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$117,748
31. Kristofer Schrubbe Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$117,639
32. Stephen Sinnott Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$117,224
33. Scott Lustik Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$117,122
34. Sean Koren Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$117,098
35. Richard Treece Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$117,003
36. Peter Moranda Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$116,876
37. Matthew Gorman Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$116,370
38. Brennan Woods Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$115,488
39. Joseph Hilbruner Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$115,456
40. Michael Harvey Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$114,713
41. Thomas Gallas Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$114,484
42. Robert Boehnke Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$114,269
43. Thomas Stepanek Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$114,127
44. Vincent Radaker Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$113,622
45. Donald Draksler Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$112,884
46. Brigitte Buittron Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$112,584
47. Antonio Tucker Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$112,500
48. Jaime Marquez Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$112,330
49. James Block Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$112,035
50. Dane Stepien Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$111,173
51. Andrew Sraga Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$110,966
52. Robert Armstrong Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$109,339
53. Henry Cunningham Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$108,892
54. Jason Mitchem Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$108,879
55. Christopher Georgeff Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$108,293
56. Christopher Salerno Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$107,931
57. Jonathan Moritz Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$107,910
58. Brian Martin Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$107,906
59. Nicholas Keedy Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$107,838
60. Jason Leake Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$105,253
61. Brandon Gentry Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$105,220
62. Jeffrey Weber Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$105,217
63. Kenneth Kikilas Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$104,568
64. Michael Kraus Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$104,432
65. Christopher Crofford Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$104,342
66. Robert Sudd Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$104,200
67. Chris Kushenbach Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$103,055
68. Thomas Mcauliffe Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$102,689
69. John Alvarado Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$101,615
70. Kevin Hopkins Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$101,247
71. Michelle Geier Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$101,215
72. Mark Dicken Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$100,754
73. Nicholas Higens Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$100,349
74. David Henzler Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$99,574
75. Douglas Landando Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$99,135
76. Patrick Kinsella Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$98,795
77. James Burke Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$98,654
78. Daniel Smetters Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$98,642
79. Eli Limacher Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$98,018
80. Stephen Alexander Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$97,781
81. Marjorie Higens Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$97,486
82. Joseph Cassidy Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$96,887
83. Ramon Orejel Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$96,760
84. Nicholas Azzo Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$96,728
85. James Albright Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$94,898
86. Luis Escobar Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$94,741
87. John Ivlow Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$94,486
88. Matthew Kovacik Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$94,154
89. Traneil Thomas Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$93,935
90. John Tuttle Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$93,680
91. Lindsay Kinsella Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$93,620
92. Steven Ficek Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$93,478
93. Anthony Luna Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$93,320
94. Bradley Kurtzweil Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$91,973
95. Alan Hampton Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$91,609
96. Joseph Gruben Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$90,001
97. Aaron Gieser Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$89,446
98. Luke Anderson Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$89,196
99. Maryrose Kendall Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$89,012
100. Kendall Schumann Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$85,916
101. Daniel Thiel Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$85,697
102. Brandon Cusack Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$83,842
103. Joseph Poradyla Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$82,283
104. Ladislao Vargas Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$80,888
105. Linda Simpson Police Administrative Aide at Bolingbrook Police$80,603
106. Anthony Gomez De La Casa, Jr. Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$74,436
107. Jenna Swendsen Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$67,842
108. Titonia Scudder Crime Prevention Specialist at Bolingbrook Police$60,682
109. Patricia Foster Police Secretary at Bolingbrook Police$59,669
110. Christine Buerger Police Secretary at Bolingbrook Police$58,966
111. Kathryn Mottl Police Sercretary at Bolingbrook Police$57,775
112. Cody Cammack Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$43,264
113. Nora Sobotka Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$31,518
114. Phillip White Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$25,461
115. Zachary Mcqueen Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$24,842
116. Nicholas Christopher Police Officer at Bolingbrook Police$5,170
117. Willie Mcray Police Sergeant at Bolingbrook Police$2,878

Source of information from:

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