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Village of Bolingbrook Trustee Board Meeting Summary



By Robert Jaskiewicz | June 25, 2019

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call, Approval of the meeting minutes from June 1, 2019 and Approval of the Agenda.

During the Mayor’s Report and Evan Urack was recognized for receiving the rank of Eagle Scout and he was given a certificate and a beautiful eagle statue that we give all new Eagle Scouts

A Public Hearing to discuss the Commonwealth Edison Annexation and Rezoning was officially open to the public. Edison has over 114 acres of “High Tower” right-of-way land going from our northern boundary to the Village’s southern boundary. Eleven parcels of the property have already been annexed with another four parcels that still need to be rezoned from their current zoning status. This rezoning ill bring all the properties into a single zoning district and this will meet the requirement necessary to consider the annexing of the other four parcels.

Following comments from the mayor explaining why we were considering this action and with no response from anyone in attendance, the public hearing was closed.

The trustees approved paying of $2,126,633.07 in bills. Itemization of these bills is available for viewing on the Village website.

Tax Receipts:

  • March 2019 State Income Tax was $1,473,290.38 compared to 2018 which was $1,006,219.91 or a 46.42% increase.
  • April 2019 Sales Tax also increased by 3.9% at $2,809,018.85 compared to one year ago of $2,704,633.88.
  • April 2019 Motor Fuel Tax decreased by 3.8% coming in at $148,822,56 compared to April 2018 when it came in at $154,621,93.

The Village granted an easement Ordinance earlier in the year to Jet Brite and Heritage Woods impacting the land for stormwater detention purposes for the adjacent landowners. The Village property is located east of Pinecrest Road and west of Preston Drive. The benefited properties have amended the easement agreement as it relates to management obligations and financial allocation between each other. A motion recognizing this amendment by the Village was made and approved. The amendment does not affect the Village but requires our consent.

We approved a resolution Approving the Illinois Department of Transportation Construction Engineering Services Agreement for Federal Participation (Phase 3) of Rodeo Drive and Kings Road – The Upchurch Group and Rempe-Sharpe and Associates. The resolution approves a contract to provide Phase 3 construction observation for the roundabout project. The cost is $226,877.39 and is required by IDOT.

A Resolution approving the Professional Services Agreement with HR Green, Inc for phosphorus feasibility studies and mercury study at the Water Reclamation Facilities located at 151 Royce Rd., 1000 West Boughton Road and 2080 Reagan Boulevard was approved. Cost to conduct these Illinois EPA required studies is $138,000.00.

We approved a resolution to reduce the number of parking spaces required at this time for the DRI/CHI Veterans Point, LLC property located at 775 Veterans Parkway. The 575,000 square foot building normally would require 464 parking spaces. This resolution allows them to start with 331 parking spaces but will require them to install more if needed.

The Board passed a couple of Ordinances approving the rezoning and annexation of the Commonwealth Edison Company parcels discussed during the public hearing mentioned earlier.

We passed a special use permit for a planned development by Alex Kravchenko and MIT US, Inc., 562 W. Boughton Rd. MIT and Barons Holdings, LLC are logistics and transportation company and wish to rent 1808 square foot of tenant space in the Oak Square Center to be used as a dispatch center. Since this would be a non-sales tax generating business, a special use permit is required.

A special use permit was approved for a Veterans premier Charity Raffle and Larry Shaver to be conducted at 481 W. Boughton Rd where they will lease 9665 square feet of space for use as a “Bingo Hall”. A special use permit is needed to operate a Bingo Hall in a B-2 Community Retail zoning district. Mr. Shaver spoke and announced that they want not for profits to apply and use this opportunity to raise funds for their organizations.

Another special use permit was approved for a commercial recreation facility, FunFlatables, 635 E. Boughton Road, Suite 105 in the Promenade Mall. The special use permit will allow an Indoor Party and Play Center to occupy 6,500 square feet of space. This is a non-sales tax generating business hence the need to have a special use permit approved. This operation will be geared towards younger children and host birthday parties and other special events as well. Food for these events may be brought in by the family or FunFlatables can provide everything needed for a great party.

An Ordinance amending Chapter 9 of the Municipal Code regarding Charitable Solicitation on Public Streets. This was tabled at the last meeting by me. The ordinance passed will require group wishing to solicit donations on the streets of Bolingbrook:
To be registered at a not for profit 501c3 for at least 3 years ( The old ordinance said three years but Sheldon Watts motioned to reduce this to 3 years with a second from Robert Jaskiewicz and the amendment passed.)
Be engaged in a statewide fundraising activity
Accept liability for any injury to person or property casually related to their fund raising activity.
Anyone soliciting must be at least 16 years old and be wearing a high visibility vest.

Finally we approved an Ordinance approving a grant of easement agreement between the Village of Bolingbrook and Commonwealth Edison to install sidewalks across the Commonwealth Edison Right-of-Ways on Remington Blvd, Veterans Parkway and crossroads Parkway. This allows the Village to connect sidewalks along its major thoroughfares.

A Proclamation honoring Citizens with Disabilities Week was read and given to Ed Bannister who has championed the rights of disabled people for years within our Village.

During Public Comments, Jackie Traynere handed out a Memo to the Mayor report that itemized the results of an “On the Table” event chaired by Terri Ransom and attended by numerous local residents. Mrs. Traynere read from the report but due to time constraints was not able to complete the entire report.

Another question was asked to the Mayor about the number of Asian Retired people within the Village but once it was answered no additional comment was made to clarify why it was asked.

During Trustee comments, I congratulated Evan Urack for achieving the rank of Eagle and thanked Ed Bannister for his efforts within the Village. I wished everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July and hope people take advantage of the 4th of July Celebration that will take place at the Bolingbrook Golf Club on that day.

I also mentioned that I spoke with Director of Public Safety, Ken Teppel and Deputy Police Chief Mike Rompa regarding overnight street parking that was a topic mentioned during the town hall meeting I hosted a few weeks ago. I asked Director Teppel to highlight the many changes taking place regarding this and the new software program that is now on the Village website. This new program will make it easier for residents to sign up for overnight parking and also to notify our local police if you are going to be away on vacation or business for any length of time so officers can keep an eye on your home while you are away.

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